The Jimmy Shand Story featuring the Brandon McPhee Band    Length 1hr 43mins

The Jimmy Shand Story featuring the Brandon McPhee Band Length 1hr 43mins

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  1. Six Twenty Two Step
  2. John Macdonald’s March
  3. The Agnes Waltz
  4. Cameron Highlanders/Australian Ladies
  5. Auld Scots Mither Mine (Song)
  6. Lass O’ Patties Mill/Davy Nick-Nack/Deveron Reel
  7. Bill Black of Stanley/Arlene Bowie/Jim Money
  8. Lunan Bay/Lady Angela Alexander/It’s Grand Among Your Ain Folk
  9. Dr Ross’s 50th Welcome to Argyllshire Gathering/Dundee City Police Pipe Band
  10. Shuffling Samuel
  11. Memories Of Willie Snaith
  12. Bonnie Dundee/Midlothian Pipe Band/I Lo’ed Nae Lassie But Ain
  13. St Andrew’s Parade/Harveston Castle/Breadalbane Reel/Bobby Watson
  14. The Bluebell Polka
  15. Lady Elgin Of Broomhall/Lord Elgin of Broomhall
  16. Auchtermuchty Gala March
  17. Whistling Rufus
  18. A Welcome Christmas Morning
  19. Happy Hours
  20. Scotland The Brave/Mhari’s Wedding/Thistle Of Scotland
  21. Home On The Range
  22. Jean’s Reel/High Level Hornpipe/President Garfield
  23. Jimmy Shand The Legend (Song)   


It’s almost 14 years since I picked up the accordion, Jimmy Shand has been one of the biggest musical influences in my life.  I told myself after hearing him first “one day I hope to be like Jimmy Shand”, this is a big task to undertake and I am fully aware I’ve a long way to go, but I’m excited for the journey and what the future will bring.  A huge highlight in my life was to win “The Jimmy Shand Shield” in Perth, presented by Jimmy almost 71 years ago for the All Scotland Senior Trad Championship.  This was a goal set in my early accordion years, I was totally honoured to win this shield, a memory I will never forget, just another reason why Jimmy has inspired me.

This recording is played on the Hohner Special Shand Morino number 001, delivered to the UK on 14th June 1951, which I’m honoured to call my own - the first Shand Morino off the assembly line - designed by Jimmy Shand and Charles Forbes this was sent to the Hohner factory in Germany.  Hohner gave the job to Venanzio Morino (a master craftsman) hence the name Shand Morino.  This was an advancement on the previous experiment, the “Prototype Morino” which had 40 treble keys made in 1939.  The new design Shand Morino had dark red perloid with 46 treble notes. This accordion made this recording very special for me as the 001 is almost 70 years old, that is 47 years before I was born.

No one will ever be able to emulate the style of Shand and his band, we play his tunes on this recording our way.  I wasn’t lucky enough to meet or play a tune with him, I know one day we will ........

I dedicate this recording to the memory of my hero -

“Sir Jimmy Shand MBE MA”  (1908-2000)