Brandon McPhee - Scottish Champion

Brandon McPhee - Scottish Champion

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On meeting Brandon for the first time, when he visited Margaret and I at our home in Auchtermuchty, he greeted us with a nice smile and a firm handshake. When he asked if I would write a foreword for his new CD I was privileged and honoured. On listening to the magic sound I was very impressed and I'm sure his selection of tracks will please and enthuse his fans and will most certainly encourage new ones. His playing style is appealing and from the heart, inborn and natural. It encourages you to listen to this Master of the Shand Morino showing his expertise on all the various tracks. I feel hos talent and ability are an extension of his own personality. What a talent!

Jimmy Shand Jnr.


Track Listing;

  1. Edwin Flaws of Wire
  2. Miss Elspeth Campbel / Brandon McPhee of Castletown
  3. The Stone Outside Dan Murpheys Door / If You Ever Go To Ireland / Shoe The Donkey / Doonaree
  4. Tekeli / The Devil In Dublin / The Reel Of May / Nora Crionna
  5. Annes Reel / The Apple Tree / Peerie Hoose Ahint The Burn / The Plough And The Stars
  6. Shannons Smile
  7. Bill Black of Stanley / Arlene Bowrie / Jim Money
  8. Petter Pratts Polka / Jimmy O The Bus Polka
  9. The Cuckoo Waltz
  10. The Thief Of Lochaber / Alan MacPherson Of Moss Park / Paddys Leather Breeches / The Curlew
  11. Miss Rowan Davies
  12. The 79th Farewell To Gibralter / Captain Norman Orr Ewing
  13. The Osstkaa Waltz
  14. Happy Hours
  15. Bengullion / Macleod Of Mull
  16. John Crawfords Waltz
  17. John Carmichaels Farewell To Scotland / Ian Powries Farewell To Scotland
  18. The Dark Island
  19. McGuires Welcome To Fermanagh / Billy McGuires Reels / Wing Commander Donald Mackenzies Reel / Robertas Reel