Brandon McPhee - 'Brandon's Brand'  My Scottish Compositions

Brandon McPhee - 'Brandon's Brand' My Scottish Compositions

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In starting the accordion a new world was introduced to me, one that I am thankfully still living each day in doing what I love.

I have been fortunate enough to have worked with many seasoned musicians and singers, who spent all their lives in the business allowed me to learn from, bounce ideas from and continue to learn from.  Without this I could not be where I am today, that’s not forgetting everyone that has supported my music, spread the word and enjoyed it. Words can’t say how grateful I am.

The journey so far has been enjoyable and no doubt as does anyone’s destination it has a few rocky paths (2020/2021) but I’ve loved every minute of it and look forward to the years ahead.  I’ve a long way to go but I’ve never been one for giving up and with your help I’d love to continue it forever more.

I composed my first tune when I was 16 and have continued to write tunes to celebrate various events, people that have supported or inspired me on my journey. It’s always been an ambition or mine to record an album of all my original compositions.  I hope you enjoy these new tunes on this CD.

Happy Listening 


  1.  Achnaclyth House

  2.  Birkhall Ball

       Castletown to Buckingham Palace

  3.  Dawn’s Waltz

       Frank & Moira Stephen’s Ruby Wedding

  4.  Scotland’s Son of Fun

       Eddie & Margaret Rose’s Golden Wedding

  5. Forrest Villa

      Bert Duff

      Karen Scott

  6. Castletown Memories

  7.  Robert Lovie

      The Buckie Picker

  8.  Loch Shin

  9.  Canadian Jock

       The Haster Smithy

 10.  John Crawford’s Waltz

 11.  Dr Fiona Grant

        The Caithness Undertaker

 12.  The Carrbridge Hogmanay Waltz

 13.  The MacDonald’s March