Brandon McPhee - Born To Play

Brandon McPhee - Born To Play

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This is Brandon's second CD album, 12 tracks of well known Scottish melodies. When it comes to traditional Scottish music, no one is better known than Bill Black. Bill wrote sleeve notes for Brandon's new CD and it sums up the album.

"I have just listened to the recording of Brandon McPhee's new release on CD and can't wait to get a copy for myself. The tempos are excellent and the choice of material is second to none and played with superb feeling which is so pleasant to the ear. May I wish you every success with this and all your future recordings. Good Luck." Bill Black

 Track Listing;

  1. Happy Hours
  2. Major David Manson at Clachantrushal
  3. Black Mask
  4. Whistling Rufus
  5. Ornithologist
  6. Dark Island
  7. Bonnie Dundee
  8. Cameron Highlanders
  9. Banjo Breakdown
  10. Home On The Range
  11. Let The Hackles Rise
  12. Unknown Polka