Brandon McPhee - All I Want To Do

Brandon McPhee - All I Want To Do

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I first came across Brandon McPhee while appearing with the Galaxy Showband on the Manson Grant and the Dynamos Fan Club Weekend in Aberdeen a few years back.  From the first few notes Brandon played that night I quickly realised that I was witness to something really special.

Brandon was twelve years old on that occasion and the music that he squeezed, coaxed and sometimes fired out of his button keyed accordion was truly breathtaking. In terms of technique and sheer expertise this young lad was in a league all of his own and his feeling and interpretation for the music he loves belied his years.

Brandon has won so many awards for his playing that his trophy cabinet must already be bursting at the seams. Since then he has added vocals to his performance and also started playing the acoustic guitar.

I am sure that you will enjoy the album "All I Want To Do " and agree with me that Brandon McPhee is indeed a very special talent.

Crawford Bell

Track Listing;

  1. Bubbles in my beer.
  2. On the road to loving me again.
  3. Someday, somewhere, somehow.
  4. She wrote it in a country song.
  5. Jean's reel / High level / President Garfield
  6. We should be together.
  7. The Dark Island.
  8. Jimmy Shand the Legend.
  9. Give my love to Rose
  10. Achy breaky heart
  11. You gave me a mountain
  12. Cameron Highlanders / Australian Ladies.
  13. Take these wings
  14. Little bit rusty.