Philip Todd - To The North

Philip Todd - To The North

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Award winning Gaelic Singer, Philip Todd brings you his tribute to Caithness, his homeland for the last decade.

With special guests including Christine Stone, Phil Anderson, Grant Lyall, Andrew Harvey, Alistair Macdonald and The Harrow Terrace Music Group, this Album is a treat to the ears.

 Track Listing;

  1. Ca' The Yowes Tae The Knowes
  2. Scottish Soldier
  3. Morning Has Broken
  4. Hey Ca' Thru'
  5. Peat Fire Flame
  6. Gospel Medley
  7. Scots Wha H'ae
  8. Mairi's Wedding
  9. This Is Me
  10. The Midges
  11. Comhla Riut-sa
  12. My Heart's In The Highlands