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Manson Grant releases his latest album Still Kickin' with 13 tracks of country music..  The sleeve notes were written by Daniel O'Donnell.


I am delighted to be asked to write a few lines for the sleeve notes on this album.

My first time to meet Manson was at the London Irish Festival in Roundwood Park in 1982 when I was part of my sister Margo’s band.

I remember thinking then what a pure country sound he and  the Dynamos produced.

Here we are all these years later and I’m sure you’ll agree when you listen to this CD that the pure country sound is still there.

I think the secret to success and longevity in a recording career  is to have the ability to select songs that suit your vocal range. Well for me, Manson certainly knows what songs to select.    Every song on this album could have been written especially for him to sing.

I love every one but if I was to pick a favourite it would have to be Back Street Affair.  I’ve been a big fan of the music Kitty Wells all my life and it was she I first heard sing this song.

I know you will enjoy this album and when you have listened  to it I think you’ll agree that Manson Grant is “Still Kickin’”


Daniel O'Donnell


Track Listing

  1. I Never Really Knew You
  2. Don't Come Crying To Me
  3. The Tips Of My Fingers
  4. Mansion On The Hill
  5. Careless Hands
  6. There Stands The Glass
  7. Have You Seen This Man
  8. There Goes My Love
  9. Cotton Jenny
  10. I've Loved You All Over The World
  11. Arms Of A Fool
  12. From The Candy Store On The Corner
  13. Back Street Affair
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