Manson Grant and The Dynamos - Golden Memories

Manson Grant and The Dynamos - Golden Memories

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From the opening acoustic guitar notes of the Carter Family's 'Wildwood Flower' (how apt that it be incorporated into a song entitled 'Golden Memories') to the last shimmering jingle of the tambourine on 'Help Stamp Out Loneliness' this album featuring top class musicianship from some of Nashville's finest session players allied to the vocal and musical prowess of Manson Grant, David Shearer and Robert Cameron is, quite simply, the best ever release by Manson Grant and the Dynamos

Robert MacMillan
Kinloid House,

Track Listing;

  1. Golden Memories
  2. Hello Trouble
  3. His Place in Time
  4. When We First Fell In Love
  5. One More Time
  6. She Burnt the Little Roadside Tavern Down
  7. The Best Years of My Life
  8. Love Makes The World Go Round
  9. I Still Love You
  10. Help Stamp Out Loneliness