Eddie Rose - 50 Golden Years

Eddie Rose - 50 Golden Years

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As you settle down to watch Eddie’s latest DVD, prepare yourself to enjoy another generous helping of the tried and trusted recipe that has served him so well during 50 plus years in the entertainment business.  In sharp contrast to the comedy favoured by current day comedians, where crude and offensive material, punctuated with bad language is the preferred component in the pursuit of laughs, Eddie’s brand of homespun humour, interspersed with the slightly naughty, has seen him receive the acclaim of audiences throughout Scotland and in particular, practically every village in Aberdeenshire, usually in the company of the Garioch Blend or the Brandon McPhee bands.  While comedy is the main feature of his act, his vocal ability should not be underestimated.  Modelling himself on the style that brought so much fame to his mentor Andy Stewart, he succeeds in emulating the achievements of the legendary entertainer in a manner that would undoubtedly have received approval of his idol.  Now in his seventies, he shows no sign of slowing up and the infectious effervescence which is the hallmark of his stage performances continues unabated.  Ample proof of that can be found in this latest DVD his 8th which displays the full range of his versatility and is sure to bring pleasure to the many fans like me who enjoy his unique talent.


Best Regards, Sam


I dedicate this DVD ‘50 Golden Years’ to my lovely wife Margaret, we’ve been together for 50 happy years.   


  1. Scotland’s Son of Fun - Brandon McPhee Trio
  2. Song:  Here Is Where My Heart Is
  3. Comedy
  4. Song:  Donald Dhu
  5. Song:  Wee Golf Ball
  6. Comedy - “The Lady Golfer Act”
  7. Song:  Big Nellie May
  8. Song:  Beautiful Sunday
  9. Song:  I Believe In Marriage
  10. Song: Greyfriars Bobby
  11. Song: Knoming In The Gloamin’
  12. Comedy - “The Gnome Act”
  13. Song: Round The Barras
  14. Song: The Tartan
  15. Monologue: Tobermory Treasure
  16. Song: Campbeltown Loch
  17. Song: Danny Boy