Brandon McPhee - 'Mr Country'

Brandon McPhee - 'Mr Country'

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Hello again and thank you for your support.  I started singing ten years ago at the age of 16.   It has taken a lot of time and patience to get where I am at today but I love it, enjoy it and count myself very fortunate that it is included in my concerts with the band.  I started music at 10 years old and ever since it is all I’ve wanted to do, there is no plan B.  Music is my life. 

I was introduced to country music at an early age by Manson Grant and The Dynamos and have learned and continue to learn so much by their lifetime of experience and professionalism.  I continue to be inspired by them on a daily basis.

I am very lucky to have so many professional musical experts on this recording.  From both home here in Scotland to Ireland to Nashville Tennessee.  This is my third all vocal CD with Pan Records and it features some popular covers as well as some original tracks “Mama’s Gone” by Alex Birnie which we promoted on radio as a single and my own first self penned song  “Let’s Start Again” based on how I see the world today.  With the pandemic now at a close it’s safe to say we all have to start again and keep doing what we love.

This is what I am doing with this recording.  Country music that I love…..  

Thank you, Happy Listening

Brandon  (Mr. Country)

  1. Back On My Mind Again
  2. Where'm I Gonna Live 
  3. Mama's Gone
  4. Cry Cry Cry
  5. Branded Man
  6. In The Shelter Of Your Eyes
  7. Sad Songs And Waltzes
  8. The Wall
  9. Rainy Days At The Beach
  10. Milkman's Eyes
  11. Bluegrass State Of Mind
  12. There's Always Me
  13. Let's Start Again *

             *  (self penned Brandon McPhee)